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Is it always good to be the citizen of the only superpower ?

Is it always good to be the citizen of the only superpower ?

I dont think if the busy life of United States gives enough time to its citizens to think if it is always beneficial to be the only superpower in the world. Probably, the answer is ‘not’. Being superpower may be good for some, but certainly not for most of the people, most of the times.

Inhabitants of the cold Scandinavian countries enjoy far more better quality of life than their American counterparts. Let us talk about recent poles in Norway. The headline of a newspapers says; Norway stays with labour and quality of life. One Norwegian professor observes about the election; ” this election, like the three previous ones, was all about schools, higher education, families, healthcare, the elderly and the environment-every thing that touches the quality of life”. After all you get for what you work for. Norwegian people care for a better quality of life and they enjoy the superior quality of life.

Interestingly, issues regarding foreign policy or military deployment in Afghanistan were almost absent from the campaign in Norwegian elections. However, on the other hand, Afghanistan and Iraq were the core issues in the last elections. While living in France, I wonder how the democratic let 22,000 persons die each year only because they lack their medical insurance! In a report, published in Newsweek on September 28, 2009, I learnt that 700,000 people go bankrupt each year due to medical bills in US! It is the only United States, which had the honour of having medical bankruptcies in the developed nations!

Barak Obama, first ( and probably last ) black in the white house, trying to be more ethical by providing the guarantee of health care by introducing new reforms. His efforts, not proved successful yet, pressed a wrong button and a new discussion has started in the US; if any other than a white American can be the president? In other words, only white americans can make it sure that only those citizens are covered by medical care who have hell of the money! I dont know why Obama can not understand that it is a war and american supremacy in the world which matters more than the quality of life of a common american.

Really, to be the citizen of a superpower is not always good! You got to buy guns instead of medicines!

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